Tapuz - A Taster's Delight

Tapuz, which recently received kosher certification, is an outstanding dairy restaurant located in an orange grove in Moshav Basra in the Sharon area.  The ambiance is lovely. One can choose to sit inside but if the day is nice, I recommend sitting outside on the shaded porch (and if not too hot, in the unshaded part or the private pergolas on the grass).  The setting among the orange trees is relaxing and lovely.  I cannot recommend any specific dish on the menu because, in truth, all the food is very good. I would recommend having a glass of orange juice which is made from oranges grown in the grove, and unlike processed orange juice, varies a bit each time.  Also, do not pass up the desserts which are truly amazing.  The service at times can be a bit spotty but go on a day that you have time to spare, take visitors who will be wowed by the whole experience, and sit back and enjoy the atmosphere.  

Tapuz - Nehalim Street - Basra - 09-746-9322