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Baribas - healthy eating at the Tel Aviv Port

The best thing I can say about Baribas is that it is the only restaurant that is kosher at the Tel Aviv Port (there is Bandolina but that is more of a cafe appropriate for lunch). The dairy restaurant is billed as offering healthy alternatives. It is the perfect place if you are dining out with vegetarians or vegans (and has many gluten-free options as well). Unfortunately, no one at our table found the food or dining experience to be anything but mediocre. And, unlike Bandolina, there is no ocean view.

Bariba - 3 Hataruch Street, Tel Aviv Port - 602-5026

Caesarea - travel through time

I would not make a special trip to see the Caesarea Experience and Time Tower, but if you are visiting the Caesarea port, both are worthwhile and seem to get little traffic (one ticket allows entry to both places). The Caesarea Experience is a 30 minute movie that takes you through the history of Caesarea. While waiting for the movie, you can interact with 3D holgraph figures who shaped the history of Caesarea. After the film, make your way to the Time Tower where an even shorter film will use computerized animation to explain the history of the architecture of the port. Children will probably prefer the Caesarea Experience and Time Tower but both will provide an educational experience to a beautiful place.

Caesarea Experience and Time Travel - tickets can be purchased when paying for entry to the park. Reservations can be made by calling *6550, extension 3 or at

Soupizza - scrumptous!

Soupizza - aptly named because the specialities of the house are soup and pizza - is a charming restaurant located on a quiet off the beaten neighborhood of Tel Aviv. The restaurant is small and intimate and authentically Italian down to the checkered tableclothes. Every night there is a large selection of home made and hearty soups. The many varieties of pizza are also delicious. I personally like the calzones best of all. And don't forget to have the desserts. Service is friendly and good. Kids will love this place. And, best of all, it is a very reasonably priced meal.

Soupizza - 56 Yehuda Halevi, Tel Aviv - 03-566-1134