Beach walk

One of the best parts of living in Israel, and specifically near the coastline, is that there are so many beaches in close proximity.  And each one has its unique flavor.  Recently, one of my friends recommended the beach trail near Kibbutz Gaash.  The trail which is about one to two kilometers runs along the cliffs overlooking the Sharon beach. It is absolutely stunning to walk among the cliffs with the beautiful blue beach in the foreground.  The path is primarily a sandy narrow road and at some points does slightly wind up or down.  It is not an excessively difficult walk but may not be recommended for those with specific issues.  At various points there are wooden decks with benches so that one can sit and enjoy the view.
My recommendation - bring a hat, suntan lotion, a bottle of water and a picnic lunch - a perfect romantic outing!

To get there:  Take Road Nunber 2.  Get off at exit for Gaash and go under the highway.  Follow signs for Kibbutz Gaash and then for the Sharon Beach.  This will lead to a dirt roads and eventually a small dirt parking lot.  To the left of the parking lot is a small gate leading to the trail on the cliffs.  To the right of the parking lot is a path towards the beach itself.