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Al Dente - Amazing Amazing Amazing Italian food

We visited this tiny unassuming restaurant based on an off the cuff remark by a friend who had heard about it. When we entered, our expectations were very low. By the time, we left, this quickly became one of our favorite restaurants. The most difficult part was deciding what to order from the endless choices of fish, pastas, pizzas, calzones, breads and desserts. Everything is fresh and homemade (including the pasta which we watched being made as ordered). Everyone in our party from age 8 and upwards absolutely loved their food (no small task in our family of very critical eaters) - enough said!
Al Dente - 50 Ussishkin Street, Jerusalem - 02-625-1479 - RESERVATIONS A MUST!

Tel Aviv Museum of Art New Wing - If Only the Art Was that Amazing

After much fanfare, the Tel Aviv Museum of Art recently opened its new wing. There has been much criticism that the building as a piece of art overshadows, rather than enhances, the displayed artworks. I agree with this sentiment but not because I think the architecture of the building should have been toned down. Rather, it is unfortunate that an art museum, located in a city that prides itself on being on par with other international metroplises, lacks an impressive art collection (and stellar temporary exhibits are few and far between). In the absence of a great art collection, the very modern and chic wing is artwork worth visiting!

Tel Aviv Museum of Art - 27 Shaul Hamelech Blvd., Tel Aviv -

Jerusalem Scavenger Hunts - meant for kids but even better for adults!

Jerusalem Scavenger Hunts currently offers scavenger hunts in the the Old City and the Nachlaot section of Jerusalem. The activity runs approximately 1 and 1/2 to 2 hours and is meant to be an interactive and educational activity. I loved the historical tidbits as we moved from one designated spot to the next and it is a great way to get to know these two charming and interesting parts of Jerusalem. It is not really ideal for younger children who may lack the patience or ability to assimilate all the information. And, you do need to know your children - my friends' kids loved this activity; to be honest, mine, not as much. But it is a great activity - certainly for college age and older who are looking to do something fun and educational!

Jerusalem Scavenger Hunts - -