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Pizza Fino

About a block away from the Tel Aviv Hilton and beach is a pizzeria that I would imagine is very much similar to family-owned pizzerias in Italy. The restaurant section has waitress service and seating both in and outside. The menu consists of pizzas, pastas, calzones, salads and soups. We have sampled all of it and all the food is great. I, however, am partial to the pizza which has a thinner type crust; there are tons and tons of different toppings to choose from. Nothing can beat seating outside with a pizza and a lemonade taking in the Tel Aviv beach air!
There is also a self-service window with a few tables. The food there is slightly different and focuses more on the pizza and calzones.
PIZZAFINO - 169 Ben Yehuda (Tel Aviv) - 03-522-8165