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Idan Raichel

A couple of weeks I purchased tickets for an IdanRaichel concert in Yaffo through Kastel (a ticketing agency). IdanRaichel's music ranges from Hebrew to Arabic to Ethiopian. The show is appropriately named the IdanRaichel project because it is performed by IdanRaichel and several other singers and musicians from various nationalities and ethnic backgrounds who play all sorts of varied musical instruments. Idan plays the keyboard but he shares the spotlight generously allowing the various members to sing and play the various instruments. The show was packed with people who were singing and dancing in the aisles. It had an electricity that left me with a great feeling. Mr. Raichel knows how to create the perfect balance - the show was amazingly well executed but also had an authentic feeling; it was the perfect combination of different types of music and songs; lastly, it was just the perfect length.
IdanRaichel - Kastel tickets agency -

Nachalat Binyamin and Cafe Birnbaum

NachalitBinyamin is the name of a street in the southern part of Tel Aviv.  The street contains lots of fabric stores and is reminiscent of the garment district in New York City down to the gritty feel.  On Tuesday and  Fridays, there is also an arts and crafts market with various artists displaying their wares. It is a lot of fun.  And after you have perused all the artist stands, you can have lunch at Cafe Birnbaum which is an adorable cafe with an array of hot and cold salads and 45 shekels gets you a plate that can be filled and refilled. 
NachalatBinyamin Street Fair -  Tuesdays and Fridays at the end of NachalatBinyamin Cafe Birnbaum - 31 NachalatBinyamin - 03-560-0066