Azrieil Towers observatory

On the 49th floor of the Azrieli towers there is an observatory deck that gives breathtaking and panaromic views of Tel Aviv.  The observatory takes up half of the floor; the other half is devoted to 2C, an upscale kosher restaurant.  For the price of admission, one receives headphones that provide an audio guide to accompany the views.  I very much enjoyed learning all about Tel Aviv, its history and the various neighborhoods.  Unfortunately, there were several things that made it less than a perfect experience.  First, the place serves as a catering hall for private events. While we were there, tables and chairs were being set up. It certainly did not add to the pleasure of the experience.  In addition, the information provided on the audioguide is interesting but it is difficult for those not familiar with Tel Aviv and its buildings to pinpoint the places and buildings that are being described (the directions as to what to look at are not clear).  Also, a 3d film is advertised as part of admission but we did not see where such film was being shown.
Despite the negatives, it was still an interesting and fun activity. If you find yourself in the area with an hour to spare, it is worth the visit. 

Azrieli Center Observatory Tower - 03-608-1179 - call in advance because the space is closed at times for private events