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Segways in Tel Aviv

Jerusalem had them so of course it was a matter of time until Tel Aviv got segways. There is a company that now offers guided segway tours either on the beach promenade or through the Yarkon Park. It is very easy to ride and control a segway - the vehicle operates no greater than 13K per hour, it works to stay upright and it is very easy to stop. And it is a fun ride. My husband and I opted for the Yarkon Park tour in the evening hours. We really got to see the Yarkon Park (which I never realized was so big or beautiful) and its points of interest. As the sun was setting and we were whizzing through the park, life could not have been better.
Segways in Tel Aviv - - 03-544-7373 - reservations required and one must be at least 16 to ride

Yakimono Sushi Bar - spectacular sushi

The Yakimono Sushi Bar is located in the lobby of the Tel Aviv Hilton.  There is no ambiance, the prices are astronomical, the menu is not particularly creative and the service is mediocre (other than one Asian waitress who is not always there).  BUT the sushi is simply outstanding.  The rice is cooked to perfection and the fish is beyond fresh.  It is the best kosher sushi that I have tasted but I am told that the sushi rivals the best in the world.  My personal favorites are the salmon skin handroll and the tempura maki sushi.  Save it for a really special occasion but for sushi lovers, it is not to be missed.
Yakimono Sushi Bar - Tel Aviv Hilton - 03-520-2222 - reservations recommended.