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Biking Through Derech Burma

Derech Burma is known for the pivotal role this road played in 1948 to get food supplies to the Jews in Jerusalem. The trail runs approximately 15K. Al Derech Burma, located at the beginning of the trail, will rent bikes, helmets and baby seats for two to three hours. It is a great family activity that is not too difficult for most bikers. Be aware that the equipment is quite rudimentary and not in the greatest shape. However, this is perfect for those who are just visiting Israel or who do not want to bother bringing their bikes with them.

Al Derech Burma - - 074-703-0029 - off of Highway 38 (take Shaaar Hagay exit off of Highway 1)

Sandcastle sculptures - messing with success

A couple of summers ago, there a professional sandcastle exhibit on the Haifa beach (behind ropes of course). Besides the fact that it was free, the exhibit was open during the day and each sand castle was well placed for maximum viewing. I imagine that in the interest of making money, this past summer the sandcastle exhibit was moved to the Eretz Israel Museum; the theme was children's fairy tales, and, again the sandcastles were constructed by experts from around the world. This time around, a fee was charged for entry. The fee may be a legitimate way to cover costs. But, unfortunately, the viewing space was much smaller and crowded. Even more upsetting was that the exhibit was only open during the night. Each sandcastle was lit up but much was lost by the absence of natural sunlight. Not sure I would run back next time.

Tales in Sand - Eretz Israel Museum