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Bejuntos - David Broza and Mayumana

Last week I went to see Bejuntos, a performance that combines the music of the Israeli singer, David Broza, and the group, Mayumana. Mayumana uses everyday objects, such as garbage cans, to make music (think STOMP).  The show runs for one hour and forty minutes and takes place in a grungy theater in Old Jaffa.It may be that I don't love the music of David Broza but I did not love the show.  I did enjoy the creative way that Mayumana made music.  However, overall, nothing blew me away. That said, it is always nice to see creative and original performances here in Israel.  And, of course, walking through Old Jaffa is always a treat.
Mayumana House - 15 Louis Pasteur Street To find out more about the performance go to www.mayumana. com To buy tickets go to

Rokach House

NeveTzedek located in South Tel Aviv is filled with small shops and cafes (another nice area to just wander).   ShimonRokach was the first head of NeveTzedek and he built a house in the area in 1887.  His granddaughter restored the house and it now serves as a museum open to visitors by advanced arrangement.  However, I recommend buying tickets for the evening show.  Actors dress up in character and circulate throughout the house followed by a performance in Hebrew that depicts life during that time period.  A very enjoyable night.
Rokach House - 36 Rokach House - 03-516-8042

Israel Museum - again

For those of you who read this blog and actually think about doing some of the activities mentioned, I am writing again about the Israel Museum to highlight its current exhibition.  The exhibit is called "Bizarre Perfection" and showcases art that is produced through long and labor intensive processes.  The results are unusual and in many cases breathtaking.  I cannot even describe the artwork it is so unusual. But it is worth a quick visit before the exhibit closes in early June.
Israel Museum - 02-670-8811 Bizarre Perfection through June 6, 2009

Walking the Streets of Tel Aviv

People constantly ask me for activities in Tel Aviv.  Truth is that the best activity in Tel Aviv is to just meander the streets which truly contain hidden treasures. There are many areas that are rundown and buildings that are in decline.  But there are also some many nice ares of Tel Aviv and even the older areas have their own charm and beauty.  Yesterday I walked the streets of "Gan HaHashmal" which was Israel's first "electric park" opened in the early 1920s.  In the last few years it has become the home to some trendy small boutiques that showcase Israeli designers.  Later on in the day I stumbled across Basel Street which is located in the northern part of the city. I felt that I had found an oasis in the city.  There is an open square surrounded by small cafes and shops. It isn't very large (by my New York standards) but I had fun window shopping.  I look forward to returning one day to one of the cafes on the square so that I can soak up the sun an…

Bialik Street

I always enjoy exploring Tel Aviv but even more so when I can learn about the history of the city. This past week my husband and I took a walking tour (in English) of RechovBialik with YonaWiseman who gives various Tel Aviv tours, some free and some, like this one, for a minimal fee.  We spent an hour learning about the architecture of Bialik Street and the inhabitants of the various buildings. While Yona may not be the most dynamic tour guide, she is informative and enjoyable.   
After the walking tour, Yona arranged for a one hour English tour of the newly renovated Bialik house which was home to Chaim NachmanBialik, Israel's "national poet" and the most famous inhabitant of the street.  Noa, our guide, was young, energetic and tremendously knowledgeable.  I believe that one can pay to enter the house without a guide; however, I would highly recommend taking a guided tour to better appreciate the house and its famous inhabitant.  Also, for now, the explanations in the h…

Tel Aviv Cinematheque

I still miss the artsy movie of Manhattan that play the foreign and Indie films. The closest I have found to such a theater is the Tel AvivCinematheque. It does not have the bells and whistles of the new state of the art theaters but it plays movies that are not widely shown in Israel. The comfy chairs, the audience of the intellectuals of Tel Aviv and the large lobby all remind me of Lincoln Park Cinema, my favorite Manhattan movie theater.
Tel AvivCinematheque - 2 RechovSprinkik - Tel Aviv For the movie schedule and to purchase tickets go to


Recently my husband and I frequented a cafe located in Pardesiya which is approximately ten minutes north of Raanana.  The food is similar to the food offered in most cafes in this country. However, the cafe's decor is funky - interesting colors and furniture. Not a bad alternative if one is looking for a chance to visit another town.
Zazoo - 27 Haerez - 077-204-2205

Eretz Israel Museum

As you know by now, I sorely New York's world-class museums. Tel Aviv museums really cannot compete on that level but they do have all sorts of smaller museums with their own charm and allure. An example is the Eretz Israel Museum which is a series of small buildings set on fairly nice grounds. The permanent collections are not too exciting but the museum often has interesting temporary exhibits. Currently there is an exhibit of photos of Haredim taken by the photographer, Menachem Kahana. The pictures are amazing. They capture Haredi life but often with a slight twist or sense of humor such as a Haredi man walking around with curlers in his hair. The colors and juxtapositions of the subjects are truly amazing. The exhibit is only one room so it is a nice way to spend an hour or less. On your way be sure to check out the museum gift shop which has some really great wares for sale.
Eretz Israel Museum - 2 Haim Levanon Street, Tel Aviv