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Nalaga'at Center - Not By Bread Alone

Last night I had the opportunity to participate in a very unique experience.  Table to Table which is an unbelievable rescue food organization that supplies food to 230 food provision organizations sponsored an event at the Nalaga'at Center in the Jaffa Port.   The evening consisted of two parts.  First, we had dinner at Blackout which is a dining experience in the dark. One picks out one's food choices and puts on a bib prior to being escorted by blind waiters/waitresses into a room that is completely dark.  The entire dining experience takes place in the dark to simulate the culinary experiences that blind people face each day.  After, we were escorted to the theater section of the Center where we watched "Not by Bread Alone" - a production put on by actors that are both blind and deaf.The evening certainly left an impression on all the participants and gave them a sense of what life is like for those facing these disabilities.  The production was about one hour lo…

Ramat Gan Safari

I know that I have not posted in awhile.  My only excuse is that I have been abroad and this blog is not about my cultural experiences abroad.In any case last week I returned home and took my children to the Ramat Gan Safari and Zoo. I had been there once before but had forgotten what a great place this is.  There is a safari where one drives through and gets to see the animals up close and personal (and the ostriches all seem to come right up to the car windows).  There is also a zoo part where one walks around and sees the various animals.  I happen to love zoos and have been to zoos all over the world.  This zoo is great for several reasons. It is very clean and well-kept (and has lots of bathrooms).  It has large parts of shade so unlike the Biblical Zoo in Jerusalem, one can find protection on a hot summer day (though one cannot avoid the extreme heat in the middle of a summer day).  And lastly, it is just the right size to be manageable.
Ramat Gan Zoo and Safari  -…