Nahal Snir

One of the national pastimes in this country is hiking and there are in fact some wonderful hikes in this country. My youngest child is just reaching the age where we can start hiking as a family so I am hoping to be able to blog about a lot more hikes in the future.
Nahal Snir Nature Reserve is a great hike for families with children pretty much of all ages. The hike runs along Nahal Snir which is one of three rivers that feed into the Jordan River. It is a lovely walk among waterfalls, streams and foliage. At various points on the trail one ends up walking in the water but it never gets too deep (and for most of the hike there is a trail along the water so those who really do not want to get too wet need not). The Israel Nature and Parks Authority manages the site; at several spots staff members stand guard to insure that hikers do not go into the water where not allowed. There are several points where one has to climb on rocks but nothing too strenuous.
The hike takes about an hour and a half. Most of it is in shade along or in the water but do bring a hat and water. There is an entrance fee to enter the site. I would recommend buying a membership to the Israel Nature and Parks Authority so that entry to all of the national parks is free.

Nahal Snir Nature Reserve is off Route 99 near Kibbutz Hagoshrim.
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