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Mystery of Lost Time Exhibit

The Museum for Islamic Art in Jerusalem recently re-opened an exhibit displaying more than 100 priceless and rare timepieces.  The story behind the exhibit is as fascinating as the timepieces themselves.  The pieces were collected by Sir David Lionel Salomons, the first Jewish mayor of London, and were donated to the museum by his daughter, Vera Bryce Salomons, in 1974.  The timepiece exhibit was open to the public until 1983, when more than 100 of the 200 items were stolen in a brazen Friday night burglary.   Years passed with no leads.  Suddenly, in 2006, a Tel Aviv lawyer contacted museum personnel to inform them that Na'aman Lidor,  a famous Israeli thief,  confessed shortly before his death to taking the items. Almost all the items have been recovered and are now on display.The exhibit includes magnificent watches, clocks, music boxes and jewelery.  The entire collection on display is contained in one room so one need only spend an hour or two.  My only complaint - the audio …

Dr. Shakshuka - a fun tourist trap

I was in the mood for some good inexpensive food and wanted to get out of my town a bit - Dr. Shakshuka in Jaffa seemed to fit the bill. The experience lived up to its billing. Dr. Shakshuka consists of a closed room with a series of long tables and an open patio on the side.  The decor is Middle Eastern kitsch and the cuisine is Libyan fare.  When we entered the place was hopping with tourists.  It had a very chaotic laid-back feel. We opted for the tasting menu for 85 shekels a person.  The meal opened with traditional Libyan salads, followed by shakshuka and Moroccan fish.   Then, the main fare was brought out - various meat stews and couscous.  The food was plentiful and while not outstanding, it was good.  All in an inexpensive fun night - and a great place to bring visitors!
Dr. Shakshuka - 3 Beit Eshel Street Jaffa - 03-518-6560

A Matter of Size

A Matter of Size is a recently released Israeli movie that tells the fictional story of several overweight Israelis who decide to address their weight issues by becoming sumo wrestlers.It is a breakthrough movie for Israel that has the potential to be an international sleeper hit (the rights to an American remake have already been sold).   Finally an Israeli movie that is not about war, the Holocaust or any other heavy topic.  It has only one theme, as opposed to some of the rambling Israeli movies that I have seen where everything but the kitchen sink is thrown in; the movie's theme is universal to all. It is light, funny and enjoyable with just the right tones of seriousness.  A feel good movie and one that made me proud!


MOMIX, the Connecticut-based modern dance company has come and gone from Israel.  However, the performance at the Tel Aviv Opera House was outstanding.  I am writing about this experience to once again reiterate that while Israel often lacks cultural performances on the level of a MOMIX, this country is blessed that internationally acclaimed groups often come on tour here.  When they do, they often, as was the case with the Best of MOMIX, choose to perform compilations of their finest performances.  And, unlike America, such performances are accessible to all and the tickets, relatively speaking, are inexpensive.One has to be vigilant about looking through local newspapers and visiting ticket agent websites on a regular basis in order to find out about what is coming.  And, one last piece of advice - book immediately!
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