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Kurtosh comes to Raanana

Kurtosh, a Hungarian bakery named for the Hungarian pastry by the same name, has several branches in the Tel Aviv area; several weeks ago, a branch opened in Raanana. I have tasted very excellent baked goods in this country but I have to say that the baked good at Kurtosh are exceptional. We once made an evening run to Tel Aviv just to get some of their cake. Without a doubt, the tri-chocolate babka is the best item on the menu (and best I have ever tasted) but the other desserts very good as well. I am told that soon the Raanana branch will be offering breakfasts and sandwiches. The only negative is that Kurtosh is a dairy bakery (eliminating it as a dessert after a meat meal for those who keep kosher). Let's keep Kurtosh Raanana in business!
Kurtosh - - Raanana branch - 158 Achuza - 09-771-7119