More on Vacation - Kibbutz Lavi

With school starting, my adventures have been somewhat limited so I am going to write about prior adventures.  Our summer vacation included a weekend stay at Kibbutz Lavi.  We stayed in the new wing which was beautiful.  The hotel is clean and well-run.  There was ample food that was satisfactory, not outstanding.  There is a pool - again it served its purposes but nothing stellar.   

One should be aware that the hotel caters to a religious crowd including strict rabbinic kosher supervision (Mehadrin), a central timer that shuts off all room lights on Friday night and Saturday afternoon, and separate hours for swimming (there are also hours of mixed swimming).  As a result, the hotel, especially on the Sabbath, attracts almost an entirely religious crowd, including many ultra Orthodox families with large families.

If you do go, be sure to take a tour of the Kibbutz (if there is no scheduled one during your stay, request one).  Our tour guide was an American kibbutz member who moved to the Kibbutz in 1969 - an old time Zionist! 

Kibbutz Lavi - 04-679-9450