One of the best parts of living in Israel is the cafe scene. There is nothing better than hanging out at a trendy Tel Aviv cafe on a Friday morning (the equivalent of Sundays in the US) enjoying a good coffee.

Today my husband and I went to Mazzarine which is labelled as a Patisserie & Chocolaterie. It is an adorable little cafe in a pretty part of Tel Aviv.  The food was fantastic. I had the goat cheese french toast which is basically a high end grilled cheese sandwich.  It was delicious.  And the fruity ice tea that I ordered hit the spot.  The desserts, of course, are to die from.  And what was a pleasant surprise was the attentive and pleasant service. We didn't have to fight to get a waiter's attention, everything came as ordered and in general the wait staff was helpful and friendly.

Mazzarine - 17 Gordon (Tel Aviv) - 03-522-1050