MC2 - a dining experience

As you can tell by now, one of the things I enjoy most here in Israel is the food and the unique dining experiences that come along with that.  On Thursday night, I had the opportunity to eat in a most unique place.  MC2 is tucked away in an old castle-type building in Bitan Aharon which is north of Netanya.  We enjoyed an eight-course dairy dinner with each course chosen by the chef.  The dishes are unique combinations of cheeses, vegetables, fruits and pastas - both hot and cold dishes.  And we enjoyed wine and bread alongside.  Dinner took over two hours and was a leisurely and lovely experience.

Reservations are required and my only advice is that on a nice night you request beforehand to be seated outside.   Nothing can be better than a lovely night in that amazing setting enjoying good friends and good food!

MC2 - 09-866-5662