Mizrachi Cafe - Mahane Yehdua

I have made several recent trips to Mahane Yehuda. I love the smells, the noise, the character of the place.  I love to just roam around and see the fruits, vegetables and nuts stands next door to some of the yuppie clothing stores now opening up.  In any case, one of my favorite cafes is in one  of the alleyways.  Mizrachi is cafe food at its best.  There is a hot mushroom sandwich not to be missed and don't forget to try one of the brioches.
And as you exit Mahane Yehuda on Agrippas, don't forget to stop at Marzipan for some rugleach and cinammon buns.

Mizrachi - Rechov Hashazif - 02-624-0528


Shmuel Browns said…
I've been reading your blog postings on Jerusalem and agree w. you that Topolino and Cafe Mizrachi are 2 very special places in Mahane Yehuda. Next time you're out exploring the shuq you might want to take along my *FREE* map. Check it out at