Tel Aviv Houses from Within Does It Again!

Houses from Within - a yearly event where select buildings and private homes are opened to the public - was recently held in Tel Aviv.  Some of the locations and tours require pre-registration while others are open houses.  Be warned that the venues/tours requiring registration close out quickly.  I visited the Kol Yehuda Synagogue, a synagogue established by the Aden Community in Neve Tzedek, where Danny Goldschmit, one of the founder's grandsons, provided a history of the buildng and the community.  I also signed up for an excellent tour of the ceramic tiles that were designed by the Bezalel Art Studio in the 1920s and displayed on many of the facades of Tel Aviv buidlings.  
Houses from Within -
Kol Yehuda Synagogue - 5 Lillenblum, Tel Aviv
Tour - Tehila Koenigstein - Discover Tel Aviv Center - 9 Ahad Haam, Tel Aviv - 03-517-7304 or