Dalton Industrial Park - a wine lovers dream

The Dalton Industrial Park contains three wineries and a brewery, making it a great place to go"bar hopping".  At Butterfly Brewery, we had a quick tutorial and sampled the delicious beer (there is also a meat restaurant where we did not eat).  We tasted the excellent wine at Dalton but the staff of the visitor center was not particularly welcoming or friendly.  But if you are looking for the best experience rather than the best wine, Adir Winery and Dairy beats the competition.  There is a ten minute film about the family owned business followed by an excellent brunch overlooking the vineyards.  And for 25 shekels per person, we followed the bunch with a great wine tasting with a staff member. 
The wineries are located in the Dalton Industrial Park, Galillee.  Visitors Centers are open to the public but tours should be scheduled in advance.
Dalton Winery - www.dalton-winery.com  - 04-698-7683 - guided tours should be reserved in advance
Butterfly Brewery - www.bfbeers.com 04-699-1079 - guided tours should be reserved in advance
Adir Winery and Dairy - www.adir-winery.com  - 04-699-1039 - reservations for brunch recommended
Rimonim Winery (we did not visit) - www.winerimonim.co.il - guided tours should be reserved in advance


Dovid-Yizhok said…

Since I didn't find another to send you my request, I post it here. Could I suggest you mention if the places you go (restaurants...) are kosher and if yes, which hekhsher do they have (rabbanouth, Badatz...) This might help the families (like mine) who eat kosher. Thank you very much!
Sharon Dov said…
בלוג מבריק, תודה רבה לך . זה נראה כתוב היטב ואני לקחתי את הזמן שלי לקרוא אותו ביסודיות.

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