Shuk Bites - Machne Yehuda for Novices

Jerusalem's Machane Yehuda (the "Shuk") is one of Israel's most colorful and charming places to visit, but it can overwhelm newcomers.  Shuk Bites is the solution; for 99 shekels, a punch card purchased online creates a self-guided tour of ten food stalls in and around the shuk.  Many (but not all) of the listed food stalls are a sampling of the best that the shuk has to offer in terms of food.  Make sure that each merchant gives you a history of his stall (along with the tasting samples).  Shuk Bites is a great way to sample some of the best food stalls in the market at a pace that works for each person.  But don't forget to spend some time just exploring on your own!
Shuk Bites - to purchase a card, go to


frank adams said…
Are the stalls in shuk bites kosher?
frank adams said…
are the stalls in shuk bites kosher?