Taste Tour of Mahane Yehuda - totally delicious!

By now, you should know that one of my favorite places in Israel is Mahane Yehuda (the marketplace or shuk in Jerusalem); as such, I am quite familiar with the ins and outs of the market. I still enjoyed and learnt from the tasting tour of Mahane Yehuda given by Tali Friedman, a trained chef. She takes participants to her favorite food stalls and provides anecdotes at each stop. But the highlight of the designated stops are the tasting samples which included borekas, dried fruit and nuts, spiced dishes, and halva. At the fish store, Tali prepared tuna ceviche on the spot - both a visual and culinary treat. Afterwards, we went up to her charming cooking studio and rooftop garden, located right above the marketplace. There, we got a small tutorial in cheeses (all bought at the shuk) which we proceeded to nibble to sample with glasses of wine. Tours can be given in English or Hebrew.

Tali Friedman - www.haatelie.com - to schedule a tour or cooking class call 050-461-9687 or email tali@haatelie.com


I have just read through your entire blog and enjoyed every word of it! I have made some mental notes and intend to follow your recommendations. Thanks - what a great find!
frank adams said…
Taste Tour of Mahane Yehuda - totally delicious!
Very interested but is it Kosher?