Museum of the Underground Prisoners - historical gem

In the 1860s, the Russians built the site known as the Russian Compound near the Old City which included a hostel for women making pilgrimages to the Holy Land. When the British came to power, the building was transformed into the central British prison; until 1948, hundreds of Jewish underground members of the Haganah, Etzel and Lehi were housed there together with Arab and Jewish criminals. In 1991, the building was reopened as a museum depicting the unique stories of the underground prisoners. One can walk through the recreated rooms of the prison and see two short films. It is a fascinating piece of history. I did not bring my children but I am told that there are some great activities for children.

Museum of the Underground Prisoners - 1 Misheol Hagvurah Street, The Russian Compound, Jerusalem - 02-623-3166