Morning in Florentine - marvelous walking tour

This is the second tour that I have taken with the Tel Aviv Municipality (see September 24, 2010 entry) and once again, I totally enjoyed. The tours, given in Hebrew, are led by different guides and are quite quirky and original. I have yet to find an English tour of Tel Aviv that brings an area of Tel Aviv alive like these tours. The Florentine tour, held on designated Friday mornings, is led by Doron Ozer who is quite familiar and active in the south Tel Aviv area. The historical content of the tour is entertaining (don't look for a comprehensive historical treatise here) and tends to focus on the modern history of the area. The tour ends with a visit to the Lechi museum which I skipped. The real charm of the tour is hearing about and meeting the individuals from all over the world who have made this gritty section of Tel Aviv their home for the last 100 years. Also, the stops at a Greek bakery and a Bukharian eatery for tasty samplers made the tour all the more fun.

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