Scala is Superb

Scala is located in the David Citadel hotel in Jerusalem, but unlike many hotel restaurants, this hotel restaurant is truly a culinary experience. When I entered the room, I liked the decor but did not like the fact that there is not a whole lot of space between tables (common among hotel restaurants). However, the food from beginning to end was outstanding. We had short ribs and lamb chops - usually the meat disappoints in Israel but that was not the case here. The house bread was fantastic. And one of the desserts was so good I ordered a second one! The service was excellent. We asked the waiter for a wine recommendation and a dessert recommendation. The choices were right both times. And what especially impressed me was that he recommended a very reasonably priced wine that he thought was better than the more expensive one my husband was contemplating. If in Jerusalem, this is certainly a great choice for a special occassion.

Scala - David Citadel Hotel, 7 King David Street, Jerusalem - 02-621-2030