Sarona - German Templer Colony

From the late 1800s until 1948, the Templers (German Christians) lived in an agricultural settlement right in the heart of Tel Aviv (next to what is now the Kirya). The settlement has been slated for preservation and is currently undergoing renovation for what will become a combination of historical buildings, cafes and shops. One can wander the grounds alone and even have a lovely picnic there, but a guided tour will be more informative. While no buildings are currently open, our tour guide provided a lot of information regarding the area, the grounds and the individuals that lived there. In addition, we were able to enter the underground tunnel that connects the two wineries on the settlement. It was fascinating and I look forward to what will be there when the preservation is completed.

Sarona - see for information (in Hebrew) or call 03-516-6188 to schedule a tour (in Hebrew)

NOTE: I hope to obtain a list of tour guides who give English tours of Sarona but I have just been told that the winery and tunnels are also being closed for renovation. It may be best to hold off on this tour for now.