Genesis Land/Eretz Beresheit - kitsch at its best

I have been to Genesis Land, better known as Eretz Beresheit, twice already with visiting tourists. Both times my children have come along. Eretz Beresheit, located in the Judean desert, takes the visitor back to biblical times. Eliezer, Abraham's servant, greets visitors at the entrance and takes them on camels to Abraham's tent where biblical stories, along with light refreshments, are served. And, of course, Abraham comes to visit. On the day we attended, we also made pitas and baked them in a fire - one of the many activities that can be arranged. Did I find it a bit kitschy as we all adorned ourselves with robes in the spirit of biblical shepherds? Of course. But was it tons of fun for the kids and even the adults - absolutely!

Genesis Land - Eretz Beresheit - - 02-997-4477 - advance reservations required