Neve Tzedek - the Soho of Israel

Neve Tzedek, established in 1887, received "protected area" status in the 1980s which means that all structures must be renovated or rebuilt in keeping with the existing style.  Thus, Neve Tzedek, with lots of charming residences, shops and cafes, has retained an old world feel (and dare I say it - a very non-Israeli feel).  But, of course, beyond the superficial appearance, this is a place with lots of interesting stories and tidbits.  It is only recently that I took an actual tour of Neve Tzedek where I actually learnt about the history of Neve Tzedek and its well-known inhabitants.  On the tour, I visited many of Neve Tzedek's memorable sites, such as Shimon Rokach's house (see 3/24/09 blog entry) and the Suzanne Dellal Center.  Our fantastic tour guide, Paule Rakower, was informative and enjoyable.  Neve Tzedek is a great place to wander about but it is even better appreciated through a tour.

Paule Rakower - - 03-546-4917
You can ask to be put on the mailing list for upcoming tours. Private tours can be arranged and Paule is proficient in several languages.


youonlybetter said…
i love neve tzedek but is it really the soho of israel?