Mey Kedem Water Tunnel

The Romans built a complex water system stretching from the Ein Tzabirin Springs to the aqueducts in Caesarea. A network of canals, tunnels, clay pipes and aqueducts transported the water from the springs (23 km. northeast of the city) to the city port. Mei Kedem is one of those sites; visitors can now explore a 280-meter stretch of a 6-km. tunnel in Alona Park which is right near Binyamina and Zichron Yaakov. There is a small film beforehand (in English upon request) followed by a guided tour of the water tunnel. Flashlights and water shoes are required and a change of clothing is recommended. The experience takes about an hour. Kids will love it!

Mey Kedem - Alona Park - 04-638-8622 -