Manara Cliff/Tzuk Manara

Manara Cliff (Tzuk Manara) is one of those places that will not impress those of you who, like me, are used to the big adventure places of America; but it certainly has its appeal and will please the children. Located near Kiryat Shemona, Manara Cliff boasts the longest cable car in Israel, a zip-line, an omega and rappelling. All of the activities are on somewhat of a small scale and so will not necessarily take long to do. I am not sure that it will keep the family busy for an entire day nor would I drive up north solely to go there. However, Manara Cliff, which is set among the beautiful mountains of the North, can certainly provide several hours of fun for the family.

Manara Cliff - Kibbutz Manara near Kiryat Shemona - - 04-690-5830