Bayit Bagalil

I have been to the Carmel Spa several times and I understand the appeal for many.  However, if one wants a true getaway that is intimate and cozy, Bayit Bagalil located in the northern town of Hatzor Haglilit is the place to go.  It is much smaller with only 26 rooms; it has the feel of a true bed and breakfast rather than a large hotel. Price includes dinner and breakfast (which is more than enough food).  Breakfast is generally buffet but dinner is sit-down style with waiters.  There is a pool, lovely patio areas and a comfortable living room with a fireplace.  There is a small spa on the premises but the choice of spa treatments are limited and fairly ordinary.  This is not the place to come if you want excellent spa services, huge grounds or lots of activity (the Carmel Spa would be the place for that).  But if you want to be away from it all with nothing to do but read a good book, relax, and hang out with a significant other, this is the place for you.

Bayit Bagalil - 04-680-8200
TIP:  All the rooms (except one mysterious one) are the same.  However, I prefer room seven or one of the rooms on that corridor since they face the mountains and get the most sunlight.