Walking the Streets of Tel Aviv

People constantly ask me for activities in Tel Aviv.  Truth is that the best activity in Tel Aviv is to just meander the streets which truly contain hidden treasures. There are many areas that are rundown and buildings that are in decline.  But there are also some many nice ares of Tel Aviv and even the older areas have their own charm and beauty.  
Yesterday I walked the streets of "Gan HaHashmal" which was Israel's first "electric park" opened in the early 1920s.  In the last few years it has become the home to some trendy small boutiques that showcase Israeli designers.  Later on in the day I stumbled across Basel Street which is located in the northern part of the city. I felt that I had found an oasis in the city.  There is an open square surrounded by small cafes and shops. It isn't very large (by my New York standards) but I had fun window shopping.  I look forward to returning one day to one of the cafes on the square so that I can soak up the sun and people watch!

TIP:  I strongly suggest buying the Atlas Hazahav which has detailed maps of all the cities in Israel down to the smallest streets.  With that atlas you are good to go anywhere in the country.