Bialik Street

I always enjoy exploring Tel Aviv but even more so when I can learn about the history of the city. This past week my husband and I took a walking tour (in English) of Rechov Bialik with Yona Wiseman who gives various Tel Aviv tours, some free and some, like this one, for a minimal fee.  We spent an hour learning about the architecture of Bialik Street and the inhabitants of the various buildings. While Yona may not be the most dynamic tour guide, she is informative and enjoyable.   

After the walking tour, Yona arranged for a one hour English tour of the newly renovated Bialik house which was home to Chaim Nachman Bialik, Israel's "national poet" and the most famous inhabitant of the street.  Noa, our guide, was young, energetic and tremendously knowledgeable.  I believe that one can pay to enter the house without a guide; however, I would highly recommend taking a guided tour to better appreciate the house and its famous inhabitant.  Also, for now, the explanations in the house are all in Hebrew so that someone who cannot easily read Hebrew will miss out.

Bialik House - 22 Bialik Street - 03-525-4530
Yona Wiseman -  03-516-3387 or 050-326-7277.  I would e-mail her at and ask to be put on the monthly e-mail list of her tours.