Bejuntos - David Broza and Mayumana

Last week I went to see Bejuntos, a performance that combines the music of the Israeli singer, David Broza, and the group, Mayumana. Mayumana uses everyday objects, such as garbage cans, to make music (think STOMP).  The show runs for one hour and forty minutes and takes place in a grungy theater in Old Jaffa.
It may be that I don't love the music of David Broza but I did not love the show.  I did enjoy the creative way that Mayumana made music.  However, overall, nothing blew me away. That said, it is always nice to see creative and original performances here in Israel.  And, of course, walking through Old Jaffa is always a treat.

Mayumana House - 15 Louis Pasteur Street
To find out more about the performance go to www.mayumana. com
To buy tickets go to