Eilat water activities

When we first moved here, everyone told us that we must go to Eilat for Chanukah vacation. After that vacation, I vowed never to return to Eilat. I found it to be overcrowded and depressing. Also, while Eilat is warmer in the winter than most other places in Israel, it is still not warm enough to feel comfortable in the water (and some days it is even chilly and cloudy).

At my kids' urging, I decided to give Eilat another chance by vacationing there for a few days in the middle of August. Again, everyone told me that it is ridiculous to go to Eilat in the heat of the summer. Once again, "everyone" was proven wrong. Yes, Eilat is very hot during the dog days of August but it is a dry heat so not as uncomfortable as other places, Also, there are fewer crowds than during Chanukah vacation. And, finally, summer is the best time to partake in the water activities of Eilat, which is one of the primary attractions of Eilat. We parasailed, snorkeled, went in glass bottom kayaks and did tubing in the water. The crystal clear blue water of the Red Sea and the beautiful sunny sky made it truly a fantastic summer vacation.

Glass-bottom kayaks and snorkelling at the Coral Beach - Avi - 050-85309813 or nsmady@o13.net.il
Parasailing, water tubing, and other water sports at the North Beach - www.redseasports.co.il