Dig for A Day - Bet Guvrin with a twist

Bet Guvrin, located on the Bet Shemesh road, is a national park that consists of various underground complexes dating back to the Hellenistic period. One can explore the park on one's own but, for a slightly different (though pricier) experience, one can join Archaeological Seminars' Dig for A Day which entails digging and sifting in one of the underground caves in the hopes of finding pottery and other remains. Younger children will enjoy that activity as it is similar to digging in a sandbox, albeit an ancient one! But the highlight of the day, certainly among the older children, was crawling through an unexcavated cave system. Our dynamic guide, Assaf, really tried to bring the various activities all together and to make history come alive. The entire activity takes approximately three hours. Be sure to bring water, hats and clothes that are comfortable and that can get dirty.

Dig for a Day - www.archesem.com - 02-586-2011