Museum of Banking and Tel Aviv Nostalgia - not just for bankers!

When Bank Discount wanted to build a large tower on the corners of Herzl and Yehuda Halevi Street in south Tel Aviv, permission was granted on condition that the bank renovate the adjacent Schiff house which was built in 1910. From this, the Museum of Banking and Tel Aviv Nostalgia was born. While the museum aims to explain the growth of commerce and banking in Israel in terms that are understandable to laypeople, there are many exhibits that also highlight the general history of modern day Tel Aviv. One moves with a guide through rooms that contain short films, interactive displays and hands-on exhibits that will appeal to all ages. There are several rooms that are clearly designed for groups of young children and a room containing an interactive game that is aimed for older children. I spent a little more than an hour at the museum and enjoyed every second of it. This is truly one of those hidden gems in Tel Aviv. And, best of all, admission is free!

Herzlilienblum - Museum of Banking and Tel Aviv Nostalgia - 13 Herzl Street
1-700-55-8000 - reservations required as entrance is for guided tours only