Hatachana - Tel Aviv railway station renovated and rejuvenated

Hatachana (the "railway station") located between Jaffa and Neve Tzedek, is a fascinating place where history, commercialism and renovation all come together to form a charming and historically meaningful area. From the late 1800s until the beginning of the State of Israel, the railroad station complex serviced the rail line that operated between Jaffa and Jerusalem. In addition, during approximately the same time frame, the Weiland family, a German templer family, established a personal residence and factory alongside the railroad station.
In 2005, the Tel Aviv municipality took over the railway complex and began the process of renovation. In order to fund the project, the complex contains many shops and cafes (see www.uonlybetter.blogspot.com for more information about some of the shops). However, the commercialism did not come at the expense of historical authenticity. The original structures have been lovingly restored; in addition, there are numerous plaques on the buildings explaining the history. It is a lovely place to meander around for a few hours.

For more information about Hatachana, including upcoming events and activities, go to www.hatachana.co.il