Roladin factory tour

One more fun factory tour is the tour of Roladin which is a family-owned business that has several cafes/bakeries around the country.   The tours are offered during vacation periods such as Chanukah and Purim.  The tours are located in the factory which is located in Kadima (small town about twenty minutes north of Raanana).  It is a perfect combination - a short and interesting movie, a quick and informative tour of the factory and a baking activity at the end of the tour that is connected to the time of the visit. We visited around Purim time so we made hamentaschen (Hamen's ears).   And, of course, at the end there is a Roladin cafe where fresh baked goods can be purchased. This is a nice tour for families.

Roladin - 09-899-1001- tours must be booked in advance