Tnuva factory tour

Continuing on the review of factory tours, the Tnuva factory tour is actually one of the best factory tours I have seen.  It is extremely well organized and leaves no room for "bad Israeli behavior".  The tour guide even instructs each person where to sit.   Like the Coca-cola tour, there are a lot of sounds and lights and even a cool 3-D moving ride.  But, unlike the Coca-cola tour, you actually do get to see a lot of the factory but in an interesting way.  It is fun and educational.  The tour takes about an hour and a half and moves from room to room.  The tour is for ages five and up.

Tnuva Tours - Derech HaYam Street, Rechovot - 08-944-4233

Advance reservations required.  Please note that the tours are in Hebrew and are only given to private groups during holidays and/or vacations.