As I have mentioned previously, what I miss most about New York City is the culture -  the world renowned museums, the Broadway shows and other experiences that a large international city offers. However, there is one cultural experience in Israel that from beginning to end truly competes on a world class level and that is opera. 
Last week I I attended my sixth opera in Israel (La Boheme).  Even with my eyes open, I could just as easily have been at Lincoln Center.  To start with, the opera house itself is an architectural gem. In fact, I strongly recommend joining a tour of the opera house to learn more about the design of the building, as well as learning about the various facets of putting together each opera (e.g., costumes).  Seating is comfortable and there is a teleprompter providing simultaneous translation of the opera so that even opera beginners can enjoy.  The sets have been breathtaking to the point of stealing the show.  The crowd tends to be an older and more sophisticated clientele, adding to the entire feeling of elegance and grandness.   Overall, a night par excellence.

For more information go to www.israel-opera.co.il
To order tickets call 03-692-7700


Gizmoz said…
we saw it, too. I loved it - even though musically it's not my favorite opera - (not that i've seen so many) it was still great. Mimi had the most stunning voice.