Goshen is an upscale grill meat restaurant located in the "garment district" of South Tel Aviv which has the feel of an up and coming area.  The restaurant's focus is all types of meat simply grilled with seasoning.  We ordered two types of meat based on the waiter's recommendation.  The meat is ordered by weight and comes to the table on a mini-grill with potatoes that are grilled to perfection and rice. The intention is for everyone to sample the meats.  The quality of meat was very good - not outstanding - but very good. 
I did enjoy the appetizers immensely - we had a trio of different types of chopped liver (chicken, eggplant and zucchini) and lollipop chicken sticks. The focaccia was excellent.  And what made me most happy were the great desserts which is often lacking in meat restaurants.  We had a trio of different flavors of creme brulee (mango, coconut and chocolate whiskey) and a duet of chocolate souffles (one was chocolate with nougat and one was peppery chocolate).  
Service was also excellent. All in all, an enjoyable night out with some good food in an interesting area of Tel Aviv.

Goshen - 37 Nachalat Binyamin - 03-560-0766