Dialogue in the Darkness/Invitation to Silence

The Children's Museum of Holon has created Dialogue in the Darkness, a great interactive experience that should not be missed by young or old. For 90 minutes a blind guide leads a group of participants (with walking sticks) in rooms that are pitch black, in order to simulate the feelings and experience of a blind person. Each room is a recreation of a different environment such as a market. The museum recently introduced a similar tour simulating deafness which is led by a deaf guide; for obvious reasons Invitation to Silence is not as powerful as Dialogue in the Darkness but still quite interesting. In both cases, the tours end in a bar-like setting where one can order refreshments using sign language in Invitation to Silence and by feel in Dialogue in the Darkness (so take along small change). In addition, at the end of each tour the guide is happy to answer all questions.

Reservations are required and the minimum recommended age is nine.

Children's Museum of Holon - www.childrensmuseum.org.il