There is good and bad in Israel. Unfortunately one of the bad things here is the prevalence of lice. Unlike America, where schools and camps have a zero tolerance, institutions allow children to roam freely with heads full of lice.  Almost every American goes through the same process regarding lice. First, Americans are disgusted by the fact that they have moved to a country that in many ways is still third world.  Then, someone in the family brings lice into the home.  The parents immediately run out and buy combs, lice treatments and other remedies and try to conquer the "enemy".  And, then, unfortunately, at some point the parents realize that they are facing a losing battle and give up. The cycle then continues.

Our family basically underwent that process for the first three years that we lived here.  We would make half-hearted attempts when things really got out of control but that was the extent of it.  At a chance meeting, an American told me that she has one luxury living in this country -she pays a lice checker who comes to her house weekly and checks her children's heads and rids them of any lice. We happened to be on our way to America for a visit; I knew that I could not risk bringing lice to my friends and family in the USA.  I called the "lice lady" and as they say, the rest is history.  Penina comes once a week. She catches any nits before they can hatch into bugs. She is truly a lifesaver and a nice person to have around once a week!

Penina Neustadter - 054-234-1016