Caesarea Movie Nights

It has been two days since my last post but I have been so busy. Yesterday we did a really fun thing. We went to Caesarea for movie night. Every summer Caesarea sponsors movies among the ruins in the Caesarea harbor. This year the theme is Alfred Hitchcock movies. A different one of his films will be shown for the next three consecutive Wednesday nights; last night's showing was Psycho. Doors open at seven, the movie is shown at nine and entrance fee is twenty-five shekels. There are about one thousand seats - first come, first serve seating.
We got there at seven but there were plenty of seats even at nine. In any case there is plenty to keep you busy if you arrive early like we did. The promenade is set up with food booths and "tzochke" booths.
One tip - bring a blanket or something similar if you want to reserve your chair and just walk around a bit.

Caesarea movie night - *6559