Beresheet - truly a five star hotel

Unlike the case of most Israeli hotels, the (very) high price of Beresheet, a hotel built on the Mitzpe Ramon crater, does correspond to an outstanding place.  The architecture and the outstanding views of the hotel will leave you breathless.  The many public areas (including beautiful outdoor and indoor pools) are beautifully done and the rooms are tastefully appointed.  The food was not great, but it was plentiful and good.  We splurged for a room that faced the crater and had a private pool.  Yes, the pools are not truly private nor very large, but we thought it worth the extra cost. 
TIP - this is a hotel where equally priced rooms are not equal.  Location of a room is very critical since some rooms are more private and further from the service road and gas station right next door.
Beresheet - - reservations required


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