Tel Aviv Museum of Art New Wing - If Only the Art Was that Amazing

After much fanfare, the Tel Aviv Museum of Art recently opened its new wing. There has been much criticism that the building as a piece of art overshadows, rather than enhances, the displayed artworks. I agree with this sentiment but not because I think the architecture of the building should have been toned down. Rather, it is unfortunate that an art museum, located in a city that prides itself on being on par with other international metroplises, lacks an impressive art collection (and stellar temporary exhibits are few and far between). In the absence of a great art collection, the very modern and chic wing is artwork worth visiting!

Tel Aviv Museum of Art - 27 Shaul Hamelech Blvd., Tel Aviv -


So interesting that you have said that. I visted the new wing for the first time this week and thought that maybe I am just getting old and more 'traditional' in my ways :) The building is wonderful, the art less so.