Design Museum Holon - simply stunning

In the words of Galit Gaon, the creative director of the Design Museum of Holon, "the building itself is the biggest object in our collection". I found the exhibitions of the museum too avant-garde for my taste, but I was blown away by the building itself and its brilliant design. Upon admission to the museum, one is given an audio guide (with a screen) that highlights the many unique aspects of the building that combine creativity with practicality. And, there is a small film that discusses the challenges in constructing such a special building. If you do nothing else on your visit, make sure to see the film and use the audio guide. Also, there is a gift shop that is very pricey but offers some very unusual and interesting objects. If you have time, there is a lovely indoor outdoor cafe tucked in the belly of the building where one can enjoy a cup of coffee among the amazing architecture.

Design Museum Holon - 8 Pinhas Ellon Street, Holon - 03-215-1515