Herzl Museum - History Made Fun

The Herzl museum, along with the Menachem Begin Heritage Center in Jerusalem and the Palmach museum in Tel Aviv, represent the new wave in museums; rather than viewing historical documents and objects behind glass displays, visitors move from room to room as technology mixes with history to tell a story. I had heard that the Herzl museum was the least effective of the three. Having now visited all three, I would have to disagree. The Menachem Begin Heritage Center is based on actual history (Menachem Begin's life) but at times is a bit too tedious and fact oriented. The Palmach museum based on a fictional story of a Palmach unit is very engaging but in the end is more fiction than history (similar to a well-done fictional film loosely based on a historical event). The Herzl museum achieves the perfect balance. The museum does an excellent job of conveying the details of Theodore Herzl's life while at the same time being entertaining and engaging. It is a great way for older children to learn about a key figure in Zionism. And, of course, after the museum visit, do visit Herzl's grave which is on the well-kept and impressive grounds of Mount Herzl.

Herzl Museum - Mount Herzl, Jerusalem - 02-632-1515 - visits must be arranged in advance (both English and Hebrew tours available)