Elton John - enjoyable

I, along with approximately 45,000 other people, went to the recent Elton John concert at the stadium in Ramat Gan. I enjoyed watching Elton John who at the age of 63 is still a very talented performer. But, this entry is more about the logistics of the performance - something that makes me tense before any big event here in Israel. I am pleased to report that the concert was well-organized; management of the crowd was excellent. Yes, we hit traffic on the way and yes, there is no parking at the stadium so street parking is the only option. In addition, there were lines at various points (and it was hot and sticky). But, overall, the evening was orderly and lacked in chaos, no doubt thanks to tremendous pre-concert planning and to the large numbers of staff located throughout the stadium. Israel has come a long way since the last time Elton John landed in Israel. Back in 1993, he was so mobbed by fans that he left the country before even performing (he was convinced to return the next day to perform).

I purchased tickets through Leaan (another good ticket website to know about) - www.leaan.co.il